​​Train like a BEAST, flip like a  BEAUTY

Gym Policies 

Gym Policies:

  • All tuition payments are done through an ACH automatic debit.  Please turn in your ACH form along with this form. 
  • All returned payments will be charged an additional $20 fee.   
  • NO PAY, NO PLAY: Any returned ACH charges and/or checks must be paid along with the $20 return fee to the front desk by the 15th of the month.  Failure to do so will result in your child being removed from our program
  • Annual Registration fee: Recreation - $40 per gymnast or $60 per family. Team - $60 per gymnast or $90 per family
  • Military discount: 10% 
  • Sibling discount: 10% off second child and 25% off 3rd or more.
  • Multiple class discounts: 30% off of second class and 50% off of third.
  • Make-up Policy: Open Gym make-ups are only available for illness or family emergency.
  • Holiday make-up:  Open gym make-ups will be given for New Year’s Eve and Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.  There are NO make-ups for Spring Break week, 4th of July week, Thanksgiving week, or Christmas week.   
  • Withdrawals: A 30-day written notice of your withdrawal must be turned into the front desk. We do not prorate withdrawals.   Emails are not accepted. 
  • Gymnast’s attire: Leotard. Shorts are allowed over the leotard for recreational gymnasts only.
  • Hair must be pulled back and away from the face for safety precautions.
  • Code of Conduct: Our code of conduct is aimed to promote the safety, security, and well-being of our program. At C&C Gymnastics, we expect a mutual respect between all parents, gymnasts, and staff members. Please treat our facility with care and remember to be courteous while spending time in our gym. Good sportsmanship should be exemplified by all parties involved. We do not tolerate bullying, bad/offensive language, or disrespectful behavior of any kind towards each other.

​COVID-19 Rules and Precautions: 

  • ​​Please send your gymnast to class with a water bottle labeled with their name.
  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your childs class.
  • Please maintain our 1:1 rule of one parent/guardian per gymnast in the gym.
  • Refrain from bringing in any other friends or siblings at this time to limit the amount of people in the gym at once.
  • We are asking parents to try and stick to a drop off and pick up only scenario to help us stay within capacity.
  • Please ration the amount of items your child brings in the gym. All they need for class is their leotard on and a water bottle.
  • Pick up immediately following your child’s class. No standing in the lobby.
  • Any adult entering the gym MUST have a mask on, there are no exceptions.
  • If your child is sneezing, coughing, or showing any other symptoms of sickness please keep them at home or they will be sent home upon arrival.
  • Check temperatures regularly at home.​