​​Train like a BEAST, flip like a  BEAUTY

Meet Cassie...

Cassie Hayden is 25 years old and gymnastics has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember.  Cassie was born in Pennsylvania where her father, Dennis Hayden, was currently training for the 1988 Olympics.  While other kids grew up playing outside, Cassie grew up in the gym training and competing for 11 years. After winning All-Around State Champion in Level 5, she successfully continued at the optional level, where she thrived and grew her love for the sport even more. What Cassie most enjoyed in competing at the optional level was her choreography. Her mother, Tanya Hayden, former gymnastics coach and well-renowned choreographer for UGA gymnasts, was instrumental in the dance aspect of their routines. Cassie started coaching recreational classes at 15 years old, and taking after her mother, began choreographing her team's routines within a year. For the next 7 years, she devoted her life to coaching and led 2 teams to victory in State Championships, as well as gaining many Individual and All-Around State titles. During her years of coaching, Cassie attended Augusta State and later decided to move to Charlotte, NC to pursue her degree in Fashion Merchandising. Throughout her time in Charlotte, she felt a sadness from no longer spending her days covered in chalk and coaching gymnasts. She missed being in the gym and knew it was destiny to pursue her passion in gymnastics again. Gymnastics teaches so many life lessons and having the chance to be a part of those lessons and building character in young girls couldn't be more rewarding!

Meet Candice...


Candice Kobert is 27 years old and has lived in Augusta, Georgia since she was 5 years old. She began gymnastics soon after she moved to the area and trained under Dennis and Tanya Hayden. During her 11 years of training and competing in gymnastics, Candice won several Georgia State titles on beam and floor and was All-Around State Champion in levels 7 and 8. Her career was ended after having major shoulder surgery.  After quitting gymnastics, Candice went on to train to become a coach. After only one year of coaching instruction, she took on the challenge of team-level coaching. With a total of 11 years of coaching, Candice has headed both compulsory and optional teams.  In addition to her success with Cassie, Candice most recently led a Level 2 and Level 7 team to victory in the 2013-2014 season Georgia State Championships. Several gymnasts from these teams also took home Individual and All-Around titles for the state.  Candice spent 4 years coaching alongside her mentor, Dennis Hayden, former international and collegiate gymnast and well-renowned gym owner, receiving invaluable experience and guidance. During her years coaching, she also attended Augusta State and obtained her bachelor's degree in Kinesiology/Health Science. Candice has chosen to continue to pursue her passion for coaching gymnastics. Her goal is to train gymnasts and allow them to grow in the sport and within themselves, while also striving to reach collegiate or elite level. Candice says her favorite part of coaching is realizineveryone learns differently.  Being innovative to find a way to reach each individual is the most intriguing part.  Watching gymnasts love the sport and take pride in their accomplishments is priceless!

A dream come true?  Sounds like it.

 Candice Kobert and Cassie Hayden have been best friends for over twenty years.  They grew up together, both sharing love for gymnastics - a love like no other.  As young children, Candice and Cassie always dreamed of opening a gym. Their days of pretend were filled with names, designing leotards, and imagining all of the champions that would be produced .  It was much like two little girls playing "School", but instead they played "Gym."  At ages 18 and 16, the girls began to coach together and it was rare to see one without the other.  Their first year was tough.  Receiving their first competitive team only weeks before the first competition of the season, they had their job cut out for them.  Candice and Cassie had their first taste of coaching competitive gymnastics, and although it wasn't perfect, they made the best of it and set a goal.  They wanted to be on top of the podium!  They wanted to coach young gymnasts to become phenomenal athletes, to love the sport, and above all else, love themselves.  It was not long before they met their goal of being on top of the podium.  In their second season, the determined duo led their first team to success.  Georgia Team State Champions!  In addition to the sought-after Team title, many of their gymnasts achieved Individual and All-Around State titles.  They continued coaching together for 6 years, producing another Georgia State Championship Team and many more Individual and All-Around State champions.  In 2011, Cassie took on a new venture, moving to Charlotte to pursue her degree in fashion.  Candice continued to coach alongside Cassie's father, Dennis Hayden. Both girls knew their paths would meet again, but in what capacity?  That was the unknown. Their passion for gymnastics is unwavering, and fulfilling their life-long dream of opening a gym has brought them back together again. So here they stand, a dynamic duo determined to breathe new life into the sport and provide the community with a fresh approach to mentoring young athletes.  Are you ready?